Bonne Maman Figues Violettes - French Purple Fig Jam - 13 Oz.

Bonne Maman

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Bonne Maman Figues Violettes - French Purple Fig Jam - 13 Oz.

Bonne Maman’s Provence Violet Fig Jam may be hard to find, but we’ve got it! Most that give Bonne Maman’s French Jam Fig Violet a try swear that these are the absolutely best Fig preserves they’ve ever tried. Mix it with feta cheese and create a spread to end all spreads. Spread it on fresh croissants, waffles, toast, scones and baguettes; just know that this is for fig lovers! One of the prides of Provence, this fig violet jam (marmalade de figue violet) has nice big chunks of fruit in it and a rich, sweet flavor. Bonne Maman’s version of this French fig violet jam follows traditional French recipes and has that thickness you’ll only find in homemade jams. Use them at tea parties, baby showers or just for breakfast. All natural with 50% fruit, natural fruit pectin and zero preservatives. Comes in reusable decorative French jar, pick some up today! Net Weight: 370g/13oz Copywriting created on Mar 25 2013 by Sara Le Panier Francais

  • Bonne Maman's all natural Purple Fig Jam contains 50% ripe figs and tastes homemade.Ingredients include:
  • Purple Figs (50%!)
  • Sugar - Brown Cane Sugar
  • Concentrated Lemon Juice
  • Fruit Pectin - only if the figs themselves do not provide enough to gel